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On this page you see an overview of the crew members who are managing the game. Different crew members have different administrative rights depending on their position.

There are various crew members and positions within the game:
Owner , Administrator , Manager , Moderator and NPC

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact a crew member by sending him a message.

Username KyloRen
Function Owner
Starting country USA
Gender Male
Username Chris
Function NPC
Starting country USA
Gender Male
Username Jenna
Function NPC
Starting country USA
Gender Female
Username Jenny
Function NPC
Starting country USA
Gender Female

Owner:obviously the overlord of the game

Admin:administrators are the vassals of the owner,they have all the same powers the owner has except 2

Managers: Assistants to the admins and owner,they are the ones that overlook the game when admins and owner are not on,like admins they will also have power on regular members but not as much

Moderators:name says all,moderators are the ones that will monitor forums,chats and messages,they will have the ability to do a communication ban on a player

NPC: Non-player controlled crew members,these are nothing but punching bags

As player numbers grow I will take applications for crew members.

Limits: 1 admin for every 100 players
2 managers for every 50 players,Moderators will vary


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